The All Ireland Golden Retriever Club is called upon from time to time to assist with the 'Rescue' of Golden Retrievers.  

Sadly it is a sign of our times when for a multitude of reasons a dog has to be found a new home, in the main this is because of changes to family circumstances which results in the dog not being able to remain with its owners.  

When the Club receives notification that a dog has to be rescued its particulars including details of temperament, health, age and sociability are noted and a suitable new home is sought for him/her.  

The Club is always ready to take contact details of anyone wanting a 'rescue' dog.  We have found over the years that often older dogs are preferred by some when they feel they are unwilling to take a new puppy with the attendant toilet training and other time consuming training.  

Early in 2009 as a result of the Credit Crunch, two older dogs from separate homes were rehomed to two retired ladies who had lost their golden a few months earlier, these two dogs were not young but went off together with their new owners to a comfortable secure new life.  So if you would like to be considered for a 'rescue' golden please send your particulars to the secretary (  Also if you hear of a golden that is in need of rescue please let the secretary know.  

The Club does not insist on any financial conditions on the rescue or re-homing but normally the costs of the re-homing are met by the new owners.


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